Thursday, January 19, 2012

Roy Krenkel
Flight to Opar by Philip Jose Farmer
Published by Daw ~ 1976


  1. Nice. Krenkel is a master of composition. Many years ago my friend Ken Quatro--of me a Krenkel sketch he'd acquired showing Pompei in its glory. From the lushly detailed market-place in the foreground your eye was led into the deep picture plane depicting a sprawling, teeming ancient metropolis, to finally rest on a tiny and ominously smouldering Vesuvius in the distance. This line drawing had the presence of a wall fresco--and was about 3"x4".

  2. Beautiful artwork, incidentally, this was also the first blog post on my site! Spent a lot of time scanning and adjusting the scans to bring out the richness in the detail. Although I haven't got to this planned post yet, you should also check out Australian artist Norman Lindsay, who was said to have influenced Krenkel as well as Frazetta. Great page, keep up the great work!

  3. Cover color assist on figures from Jones. Though in later years neither artist remembered this collaboration, photographs of the back of the painting reveal a contemporaneous note, written by Krenkel, crediting Jones’s assistance.